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'S Wonderful, this Diana Krall

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March 4th, 2005

kuroi_neko_08 @ 01:08 pm: Diana Krall is HOT! bwahaha
Hey, I just joined this community.... I ♥ Diana Krall! I looooove her voice and she's hot.
I love the song "Peel Me a Grape"-- I sang it for my highschool's cabaret.... and also I love how she sings "All or Nothing At All", which I sang for a bunch of vocal auditions I did this semester.

It appeares as though I'm the first person in awhile to post, but I figured I'd join this community just to express my admiration of Diana Krall. hehe

Current Music: "Peel Me a Grape" ~Diana Krall (Love Scenes)

January 10th, 2005

evgeniya99 @ 12:19 am: Oh Hello!
Hey guys-
I created this community, and sadly completely neglected it, until just now, where I've noticed that there are actual members! I feel a sense of ambiguous accomplishment...Anyway, I must apologize for the bareness of this community. I do hope to expand the content of the community, and perhaps even establish a sort of regular posting! That'd be grand. I'm not a jazz expert or anything of the sort, but I do appreciate it highly and hope through this community we can all share our love of DK, along with any kinds of reviews, updates, analysis, etc.

I best be off now, but thanks for joining! Happy new year and happy listening!


Current Music: who else but DK?

January 5th, 2005

wang1961 @ 10:04 am: Just got Live In Paris for Christmas
I am totally in love with this woman

Also great love-making music

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